A Stone block is a type of block in the Cube Life games.


Stone blocks were introduced in Cube Life: Island Survival version 1.0. They are found on every island, and are usually underneath at least one layer of Dirt or Grass blocks. Their texture is designed in such a way that each side of the Stone block has a different image on it, but all textures are designed to interlock with each other. Each Stone block is rotated by a random value times 90 degrees, allowing for a non-repeating pattern in the Stone blocks. They have all the same properties in Cube Life: Pixel Action Heroes. It is confirmed to return, with an updated 4K texture, in Cube Life Island Survival: Special Edition.


  • The Stone block has 15 Health.
  • When destroyed with a Pickaxe, the Stone block will drop itself. Destroying it with anything other than a pickaxe will cause nothing to be dropped.


  • The Stone block is ideal for constructing basic forts in Survival Mode due to its high concentration throughout the world and its high health.
    • Be aware that Cannibals will eventually learn to break through Stone blocks, so it is best to either find a better material or just use the Stone fort as a hiding place at that point.


  • In Cube Life: Island Survival, an etching of the Krakken can be seen on Stone blocks on the Cannibal King's island. These images cannot be replicated and once destroyed are gone forever.