Vital statistics
Type Island
Location H Axis

Map sector H04 is an island map in Cube Life: Island Survival. It is a small island with a shipwreck surrounded by Open Ocean. The ship houses 18 treasure Chests. The ship itself can be harvested for planks and wood.

Cannibals do not spawn in this map.

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There are 18 treasure chests scattered around the ship; none appear on the ground level, 16 appear on the second floor, 2 appear on the third floor, and none appear on the top floor.

The ship is made of up wood and plank blocks.

Second floor Edit

Right after you go up the staircase from the ground floor, head west into a room containing 11 chests, 3 of which are empty.

Following the ship east leads to a hallway with multiple rooms on both sides. The southern room has 5 chests.

The northern room has 4 chests, 0 of which are empty.

Moving over one room east, the northern room has 1 Chest, containing nothing. The southern room has 2 Chests, with one already empty.

Moving over one room to the east, the northern room has 2 Chests, containing nothing. The southern room has 1 Chest.

Moving over one more room to the east, there is only a southern room and it contains 3 Chests, with one already empty.

Heading further east brings you the end of the ship, the southern wall has 2 Chests lined against it, with one already empty.

On the northern side, a little crevice holds a Chest.

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Immediately from the staircase on the east side, there's a chest to the north, 2 empty Chests in the room to the south and 3 Chests east of the southern room with 2 empty.

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