Vital statistics
Type Island
Location G Axis

Map sector G07 is an island map in Cube Life: Island Survival.

Geography Edit

G07 Lake

The lake on G07.

The island is surrounded completely by ocean, and the ocean is full of underwater tunnels that lead inside the island. Underwater tunnels connecting to the ocean allow sea-water to come in. At the center of this map is a large salt-water lake. Near the banks of this lake are large quantities of Clay.

Large pits on land open up into deep pools of salt water. If a player falls in, the only means of escape is by diving underwater and swimming into the ocean. Surrounding the lake above the surface of the water are fairly steep mountains with tunnels and caves going all throughout them. Trees grow in all different positions throughout these caves, and much Coal is present.

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Archaeology Edit

G07 Chest

Hidden Chest

A Chest can be found in the north part of the island.

Chest contains:

Strategy Edit

  • At the bottom of the large lake are 8 Pearls. More Pearls can be found in the underwater caverns around the island.
  • There are no air pockets in the underwater tunnels. Be sure to use a Lantern in order to see.

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History Edit

Map sector G07 was introduced in Cube Life: Island Survival Version 1.0.

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