Vital statistics
Type Island
Location F Axis
Inhabitants Natives

Map sector F07 is an island with a village that is occupied by Natives. It is surrounded by Open Ocean with a shipwreck near the village. There is also a Trader that sells items for Pearls.

Cannibals will not spawn here.

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Archeaology Edit

The island is occupied by Natives, including a Trader. There are 2 hidden Chests: one is behind the Trader and one is under water in the shipwreck. The chest behind the Trader contains a diamond (if it doesn't spawn, reload the save file).

Opening either chest outright will anger the Natives. However, a chest can be destroyed without angering the Natives by punching it, but this can only be done once.

The following actions will cause the Natives to turn hostile:

  • Attacking a villager
  • Stealing a Canoe or crops
  • Using or placing storage Chests
  • Building or destroying items in the village area

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Trader Edit

Village Traders will always drop an Engine when killed, though they will not respawn.

This Trader has a chance to sell the following items (item stock changes at midnight):

Item Cost (Pearls)
Bed (x1) 3
Bed (x2) 5
Bed (x3) 6
Big backpack 30
Brick block (x5) 1
Brick block (x12) 2
Brick block (x20) 5
Canoe (x1) 11 - 14
Canoe (x2) 26
Canoe (x3) 30
Compass 2
Explosive Arrow (x1) 5
Explosive Arrow (x3) 9
Explosive Arrow (x10) 20
Explosive block (x3) 30
Furnace 2
Gun powder (x3) 2
Gun powder (x5) 5
Gun powder (x10) 8
Gun powder (x15) 12
Gun powder (x18) 15
Gun powder (x20) 20
Lantern 3
Shark fin 4
Shark skin (x2) 3
Stick (x11) 1
Stick (x25) 2
Stone Arrow (x10) 1
Wooden raft 12

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