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Vital statistics
Type Island
Location E Axis
Inhabitants Natives

Map sector E05 is an island with a village occupied by Natives. The village has a Trader that sells items for Pearls.

This is a great place to stay the night, as Cannibals will not spawn here.

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Archeaology Edit

The following actions will cause the Natives to turn hostile:

  • Attacking a villager
  • Stealing a Canoe or crops
  • Using or placing storage Chests
  • Building or destroying items in the village area

A chest or block can be destroyed without angering the Natives by punching it, but this can only be done once. Items outside of the village and in the ocean can be looted without issue.

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Trader Edit

Village Traders will always drop an Engine when killed, though they will not respawn.

This Trader has a chance to sell the following items (item stock changes at midnight):

Item Cost (Pearls)
Banana (x8) 1
Banana pie (x2) 1
Bed (x3) 10
Big backpack 30
Brick block (x5) 1
Canoe (x2) 24 - 26
Coconut (x6) or (x7) 1
Compass 2
Concrete 5
Egg (x12) 2
Explosive Arrow (x1) 5
Explosive Arrow (x3) 9
Explosive Arrow (x10) 20
Explosive block (x1) 15
Explosive block (x3) 30
Grains (x3) or (x4) 1
Grains (x10) 2
Grilled chicken meat (x5) 2
Iron Arrow (x5) 1
Iron chestplate 8
Iron helmet 4
Iron leggings 6
Lantern 3
Leather cap 2
Leather trousers 3
Shark skin (x2) 3
Spike of wheat (x3) or (x6) 1
Stick (x11) or (x16) 1
Stick (x33) 3
Wooden Bow 3
Wooden raft (x1) 10 - 13
Wooden raft (x2) 22

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