This page lists all the Crafted Items in Cube Life: Island Survival.

Barry's inventory includes a 2x2 crafting area. Building a Crafting table makes it possible to use a 3x3 crafting area allowing a much larger variety of items to be created. The Crafting table will eventually break after a certain number of uses.

Crafting Stations
Name Material required
Crafting Table Crafting table Plank (x4)
Furnace Furnace

Stone block (x8)
Small Torch (x1)

Crafting table Edit

Name Material required
Plank Plank Wood (x1)
Stick Stick

Plank (x1)

Ebony plank Ebony wood (x1)
Ebony stick Ebony plank (x1)

Storage Edit

SmallBackpack Small Backpack (10 slots) Boar leather (x2)
Backpack Backpack (20 slots) Boar leather (x8)
Chest Chest Plank (x8)

Lighting Edit

Torch Torch Coal (x1)
Stick (x1)
SmallTorch Small Torch

Charcoal (x1)
Stick (x1)

Charcoal Charcoal Plank (x9)
Lantern Lantern

Iron bar (x2)
Normal Glass (x2)
Small Torch (x1)

Miscellaneous Edit

Fence Sticks (x4)
Planks (x3)
BaleofHay Bale of hay Grass (x8)

Rope (x1)

BrickBlock Brick block Brick (x4)

Tools Edit

WoodenAxe Wooden axe Plank (x3)
Stick (x3)
WoodenPickaxe Wooden pickaxe Plank (x3)
Stick (x3)
StoneAxe Stone axe Stone block (x3)
Stick (x3)
StonePickaxe Stone pickaxe Stone block (x3)
Stick (x3)
IronAxe Iron axe Iron bar (x3)
Stick (x3)
IronPickaxe Iron pickaxe Iron bar (x3)
Stick (x3)
SilverAxe Silver axe Silver bar (x3)
Stick (x3)
Silver pickaxe Silver bar (x3)
Stick (x3)
GoldenAxe Golden axe Gold bar (x3)
Stick (x3)
GoldenPickaxe Golden pickaxe Gold bar (x3)
Stick (x3)
DiamondAxe Diamond axe Diamond (x3)
Stick (x3)
DiamondPickaxe Diamond pickaxe Diamond (x3)
Stick (x3)
Titanium axe Titanium bar (x3)
Stick (x3)
Titanium pickaxe Titanium bar (x3)
Stick (x3)

Weapons Edit

Ranged Weapons/Ammo Edit

Wooden Bow Oak plank (x3)
String (x3)
Iron Bow Iron bar (x3)
String (x3)
Bone arrowhead
Bone Arrow
Bone powder
Stone arrowhead
Stone Arrow
Iron arrowhead
Iron Arrow
Diamond arrowhead
Diamond Arrow
Explosive block
Explosive Arrow

Armor Edit

LeatherCap Leather Cap Boar leather (x5)
LeatherTunic Leather tunic Boar leather (x8)
LeatherTrousers Leather trousers Boar leather (x7)
IronHelmet Iron helmet Iron bar (x5)
IronChestplate Iron chestplate Iron bar (x8)
IronLeggings Iron leggings Iron bar (x7)
GoldenHelmet Golden Helmet Gold bar (x5)
GoldenChestplate Golden Chestplate Gold bar (x8)
GoldenLeggings Golden Leggings Gold bar (x7)
Diamond helmet Diamond (x5)
Diamond chestplate Diamond (x8)
Diamond leggings Diamond (x7)
TitaniumHelmet Titanium Helmet Titanium bar (x4)
Emerald (x1)
TitaniumChestplate Titanium Chestplate Titanium bar (x7)
Emerald (x1)
TitaniumLeggings Titanium Leggings Titanium bar (x6)

Emerald (x1)

Tortoise helmet Tortoise shell (x5)
Tortoise chestplate Tortoise shell (x8)
Tortoise leggings Tortoise shell (x7)

Color dyes Edit

Blue color Blue sea grass (x4)
Red color Cranberry (x4)
Yellow color Egg (x4)
Green color Green sea grass (x4)
Orange color Red color (x1)
Yellow color (x1)
Purple color Red color (x1)
Blue color (x1)
Black color
Brown color

Maps Edit

Local map Tree leaves (x9)
Colored local map
World map Local map (x9)

Boats Edit

Palm log Palm plank (x4)

Palm wood (x3)

Raft Palm log (x9)
Rudder Planks (x3)
Stick (x1)
Shark skin (x1)
Rope Grass (x3)
Wooden raft Palm log (x1)
Raft (x1)
Rudder (x1)
Sail (x1)
Rope (x1)

Food Edit

Bread dough
Mango pie unbaked

Blocks Edit

Coal block
Charcoal block
Gold block
Sapphire block
Ruby block
Emerald block
Diamond block

Furnace Edit

Name Material required
NormalGlass Normal Glass Sand block (x2)
Coal (x1)
ShinyGlass Shiny glass Normal Glass (x2)
Coal (x1)
Brick Brick Clay (x2)
Coal (x1)
IronBar Iron bar Iron ore (x1)
Coal (x2)
SilverBar Silver bar Silver ore (x1)
Coal (x4)
GoldBar Gold bar Gold ore (x1)
Coal (x6)
TitaniumBar Titanium bar Titanium ore (x1)
Coal (x12)

Food Edit

Grilled oyster
Banana cake
Banana mushroom cake
Banana pie
Cereal bread
Cereal mushroom bread
Cranberry cake
Cranberry mushroom cake
Cranberry pie
Fried egg
Grilled chicken meat
Grilled crab
Grilled fish
Grilled gorilla meat
Grilled komodo dragon meat
Grilled oyster
Grilled pork meat
Grilled puffer fish
Grilled rabbit meat
Grilled ray
Grilled sailfish
Grilled scorpion meat
Grilled squid tentacle
Grilled turtle meat
Mango cake
Mango mushroom cake
Mango pie