Cannibal are a type of enemy that spawn at night, from 20:00 to 5:00 in-game time. If a cannibal sees the player, an eye icon will appear in the top left corner of the screen. They make eerie teeth grinding noises whenever they are nearby. They can not use blocks in order to build, but they will break blocks to get to their target.

They can be easy to pick off one by one, but if you are swarmed by them it is very difficult to survive for long. Whenever you take out one wave, a harder wave will spawn.

Cannibals come in three different varieties: Basic Cannibal, Digger Cannibal, and Archer Cannibal.

Cannibals drop Bones, fruit, and Pearls when they die. Digger Cannibals can also drop pickaxes.

At 5:00, they retreat to the water and die. On native islands, and in areas without islands, Cannibals will not spawn.


This no longer works as of update 1.2

Build a base above Sharks, and above cannibal arrows/block breakage. Build an entrance in a way that cannibals cannot access it. As night falls, sharks will swarm underneath of you. The cannibals will also attempt to gather below, resulting in the sharks attacking them. When they start to flee near 5:00, drop down to collect any loot that has not disappeared.