The Basic Cannibal is a Cannibal in Cube Life: Island Survival. It is the first Cannibal encountered in the game and is no longer seen when Barry is leveled up enough.


Basic Cannibals are the most generic of all Cannibals. They lack special abilities and though they are dangerous for the beginner, as the player crafts more powerful weapons their threat level drops. The Basic Cannibal's AI is the same AI used in most all Cannibals. They wander about the island aimlessly, and if they come within distance of a Boar or Chicken, they will move towards the animal and attack it. Likewise, if the Basic Cannibal sees the player, he will shout out "HETI!", alerting other nearby Cannibals and pursuing the player himself. Like all Cannibals, the Basic Cannibal only spawns after 19:30 in areas with a low light level. They can spawn on any block, including water. At about 4:30-5:00, all Cannibals will swim away from the island and die. Often, Basic Cannibals will become trapped on land, and die before they make it to the water.


  • Basic Cannibals circle the player, dealing damage upon contact. Each strike deals a random damage from 1-5.
  • When the Basic Cannibal attacks the player or any other mob, a Clapping sound will play.
  • The Basic Cannibal can kill Boars and Chickens in one blow.
  • Basic Cannibals have a currently unknown health.
  • A Critical hit can kill them in one strike with any weapon.
  • Basic Cannibals can travel faster than the player can, and swim at the same speed they walk.
  • Like most land mobs, however, they cannot dive underwater.
  • Basic Cannibals can jump one block high.
  • Basic Cannibals can see through glass
  • When killed, Basic Cannibals have a chance of dropping one of the following:


  • Try using a Cannibal trap to lure all the Cannibals to one spot so you can kill them.
  • Kill these to level up quick.
  • Conversely, avoid killing these so that the more powerful Cannibals do not come as fast.


The Basic Cannibal was introduced in Version 1.0 of CLIS. It returned on Steam in Version 1.5, this time with a much different texture. Its texture was changed once again in Version 1.6, and the old texture is no longer found in the game.