The Backpack is a Backpack in Cube Life: Island Survival. It is the standard in backpacking technology.


  • The Backpack is crafted using eight Boar leathers and one String.
  • The Backpack adds two rows (20 slots) to the player's Inventory when dragged into the player's backpack slot.


  • Obtain the backpack as soon as possible. If you are playing on Wii U, skip the Small backpack all together and just go for the normal one. This is not possible on Steam as in Version 1.5 and higher require string to make the backpack.


The Backpack was added in version 1.0 of CL:IS. Version 1.5 changed it so that it was no longer crafted with Pig Leather, but Boar leather. Whether Pig Leather can still be used is unknown. Version 1.6 updated its sprite so it is more realistic.